Nutrition as Medicine?

Your body is a power house, designed to be as efficient as possible
That efficiency means your body will take the easiest available energy and use that to power on. It’s the path of least resistance. We need energy to thrive so let’s take the energy most readily available.
In comes processed and convenience food.
Convenience is king in these busy times. It’s no longer realistic to lead the busy lives we do added with all the lovely distractions life now has to offer and expect to spend hours each day gathering ingredients and cooking food. Sometimes it’s just easier after a long day to go for what is quick and delicious and relax with full bellies catching up on the latest hit shows.
Huh? Cook a meal? After an 8 hour workday followed but a one hour commute home? But my shoes aren’t even off.. Actually I just remembered I think I left something in the car.
At this point you may or may not manage to make your great escape.
The problem is that convenience food and health don’t walk hand in hand. A lot of convenience foods are stripped of their nutrients and can actually do us more harm than good. Things like anti-oxidants, free radicals and inflammation are thrown around a lot, it’s hard to know what’s right and what is deemed to not it be right.
Consuming processed foods can aid in the formation of free radicals which in turn can lead to oxidative stress. If you're not versed on the negative health effects of oxidative stress then it’s time to do a quick search and have a read about the toll this can have on your body, it’s no small matter.
People have more health issues than ever before and we seem to be hellbent on treating symptoms of an illness with modern medicine instead of getting to the root cause of an illness itself.
High blood pressure? Here takes these pills to help.
You're feeling down and a little depressed? Here try these pills.
You get the picture.
Modern medicine can work wonders in treating the symptoms we are seeing exhibited. But what about the root cause? What is really going on inside to cause issue in the first place?
Also what about other problems that are not deemed to be illnesses but can also be extremely detrimental, such as lack of energy and feeling lethargic, tossing and turning at night and struggling to get over, spending eight hours in bed but feeling like it was two. We tend to ignore these issues and muscle on as if it’s normal. Let’s also note there are medicines for all of ailments, again taking a shot at treating a symptom instead of getting to the bottom of what is going on.
Our bodies are constantly working behind the scenes. You have an army of cells, in fact it’s more appropriate to say a universe of cells. All working to do their jobs. Working to keep you thriving.
This where what we eat comes into play. We can either make our bodies job easier, or we can make it harder with the foods we consume. Already we have a mountain to climb, we are exposed to more toxins today than ever before, from the things we spray in the air in deodorants, the things we spray on food, the chemicals from the very air we breath coming from the ever increasing amount of vehicles whizzing around.
Our bodies do a wonderful job of cleansing our systems, we breath out toxins from our lungs, we sweat toxins from our skin, and we filter it through our kidneys and liver. But as with everything there is a balance. And when that balance shifts the wrong way that is when we start to see things go wrong.
It’s impossible to remove toxins from our lives, but reducing the load our bodies have to deal with can have major health benefits.
The word “nutrition” is so used these days that it feels like it has no real meaning except to tell you how many calories a food has. But it is key to how our bodies function. Without the right vitamins and minerals our bodies may not be able to do their task optimally. Also some of us harbour food intolerances and allergies that are not deemed severe, so we eat the food and think, ah well a bit of bloating and a noisy stomach is no big deal. But your body has to work to counter the effects of what it’s not agreeing with, working with the resources it has at hand.
Adding to your bodies workload, coupled with not providing your body with the right building blocks is one way to set that balance leaning the wrong way. To put it into picture, it’s equivalent to putting a small child on one end of a seesaw and putting the overly enthusiastic dad on the other, the child is your body on this scenario and there’s only one way this is going to go.
Maybe it’s time to consider the quality of the fuel we are giving ourselves may not be up to the task. Maybe it’s time to try helping our bodies do what they need to do by giving them the right fuel and considering everything we are putting in and it’s true use. Once it has passed your tongue what is it doing for you?
No-one is saying you have to cook every meal from scratch and become a fully fledged nutritionist. But easing the burden on your body over time can have wondrous results. You can still have the quick option, but maybe tomorrow instead of the packet of crisps and fizzy drink, you might have the orange and bottle of water.
Your body will breath a sigh of relief, it will cleanse the back-log of toxins, and you will start to feel better than any medicine could make you feel.
Adding a nutritional boost in the form of Osmo superfood powders will also help give your body the right vitamins and minerals, whilst also aiding in the elimination of free radicals with their anti-oxidant properties and reducing inflammation (which needs a section of its own) with its anti inflammatory properties.
Food for thought.

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