The Art of Sleep

 Every night we lie down close our eyes and wait to fall into a deep rejuvenating sleep. For some this happens swiftly, for others it’s a long hard stare into the back of our eyelids.  


*Here we go again, our daily 8 hour lie down* 


 Our understanding of this nightly ritual considering we literally spend a third of our lives doing it is dreadfully limited. 


 We do know we need to sleep to function, have you tried going a couple of days without sleeping? If you make it into day 2 without accidentally taking your dog to school instead of your child then you should be impressed. 


 Although we don’t know the exact reasons why we sleep, there are more and more emerging ideas and studies that show some reasons we need sleep and the benefits of that 8 hour nightly lie down. Our memory and how we process and store information are deeply intwined with our sleep. Our health and mental wellbeing are also effected by our sleep and the quality of sleep we get. 


 We know that lack of sleep, or sleep deprivation, can cause harmful effects especially over an extended period of time. Regularly missing a few hours sleep each night can have serious knock on effects to how you function and how your body and mind cope with internal and external stress. It can also cause a weakening of the immune system and an altering of the hormone levels in your body. 


 What about that late coffee we just had? Surely it won’t have any effects on us? Apart from literally blocking the receptors of Adenosine, which is the chemical in your brain that promotes sleepiness and drowsiness. Caffeine attaches itself to these receptors taking up the space where adenosine should go, blocking adenosines effects and keeping us alert. Over-caffeinating can also reduce time spent in deep sleep, the phase that is critical for physical and mental rejuvenation.


*Re-reads last sentence, slowly pours coffee down the sink*


 Other things can cause us to feel like we are doing the toss and turn olympics instead of nodding off into that blissful, restful deep sleep. 


 Missing key nutrients, having a chemical imbalance, feeling anxious or stressed. There are lots of things that can interfere with the rest we need.


 One important factor that is discussed for numerous other health reasons but often overlooked when it comes to sleep is our diet and the nutrients we take in. Our brain and body need a daily intake of nutrients that our current lifestyles make it hard to provide. These nutrients are the building blocks of our functionality and the first foundation stone to our health and wellbeing. 


 Deep Sleep superfood blend has been designed to be a remedy to the toss and turn battle and also to promote and encourage your body and mind to get into the required state it needs to achieve the most restful of sleeps. The chemicals and nutrients in the powder have numerous benefits not only for sleep but for other health factors such as detoxification, anti oxidants and general brain health. Regular use of this powder will have you nodding off at the blink of an eye but will also be providing health boosting and wellbeing increasing effects. 


 So if you want to be like that person we all so envy, who lays their head on the pillow and seems to be in the comfiest deepest of sleeps, then wakes up at the crack of dawn with a spring in their step and a smile on their face ready to take on the world. Instead of waking up like you’ve just been resurrected from the dead ready to start the first zombie apocalypse, until 10am at least, then it’s time to think about what you are doing to help yourself and what your body and brain may be missing. 


 Try Deep Sleep from Osmo and you’ll see that sleep, instead being an inconvenience to you, can help you go so much further than even your dreams could take you.

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