The Holy Fitness Grail

Being fit and healthy can be a rollercoaster ride. One minute you're up, the next you're down.

One day you are told to do one thing, the next you're told to do the opposite. 

How do we find our way in this maze with all this information and all these people and organisations saying "you need to do it this way".

If you're lucky you may have been involved in sports and taught a way that works, how to exercise properly and the right diet to have. On the other hand, maybe you have the knowledge gained from endless hours of reading and trial and error. Or maybe you are like everyone else, looking to the "experts" and "gurus" for guidance in what to eat, what to lift, what results to expect.

Then you realise even the experts and gurus are telling us to go one way, then another group are saying to go the complete opposite way.

Woooft this is exhausting, and I haven't even done my first exercise, in fact I'm now shutting down my internet browser that I had open with my new training gear added to my basket. 

Well that was interesting, I guess it's back to the healthy option at my local fast food joint and a weekly (monthly?) run.

But wait! Before you put them new training shoes in the never to be seen again pile, there's a way that works for every one. In fact, its the only way, whether you are new or a veteran.

The way is CONSISTENCY (I know what you're thinking, boring, cliché, but hear me out). Find something YOU like, not what someone else tells you. Block the other noise out. Shut out the naysayers and reject the tempting "get the results you want in 5 seconds all you have to do is download this programme and transfer over your bank balance" snake oil men. 

Give it a go. Go until you fancy doing something else, then do the new thing until again you fancy something else. Rinse and repeat. The key is ACTIVITY, any activity. If you want to join your local spin club then go for it, your best friend might have had life changing results with weight lifting, but if weight lifting isn't your thing then don't do it. All that will happen is you will feel miserable and hate every minute and then its back to square 1 in a month or 2 when you're motivation packs its bags and leaves in the dead of night. 

Get your heart rate up, get your blood pumping. Do some methods do certain things others do not? Well yes, each method will guide you to your result in a slightly different way at potentially a different rate. But that's not important, you could follow an Olympic training programme for a week, or you could follow Linda at the local gym's slightly bizarre but also quite intense circuit session for the next year and you would have better results with the latter. 

Time and consistency. Persevere, even when you feel you are going nowhere, when you look back 3 months from now you will be glad that your past self pushed through and didn't fall at the first step. 

And sometimes you will fall. But the beauty is in the getting back up. Extreme pressure and conditions create diamonds. You are worth more than any diamond, so act like it. 

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